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Special Edition Vinyl

SIGNED by Robert Paladino & Johnny Boy



A Message From Robert Paladino

It has been decades since I wrote, produced and performed on the double sider by The Epitome of Sound, on the Sandbag Label.  The A Side, "You Don't Love Me," became an anthem at the famous Wigan Casino, and currently it is rated #4 in the definitive soul resource book by Kev Roberts, The Northern Soul Top 500.


Fast forward many, many more years, and I endeavored to write the melody and lyrics to a rhythm track developed and mixed by Colin Watson.  In 2013, I named the song, "Cause My Lover's Gone" (CMLG) and registered it with US ASCAP as songwriter and publisher (Pala One).  I produced a demo with a neighbor, Jared Cowley, his brother and myself singing backing vocals, and recorded it at a studio in New Jersey, USA. In late 2017, I was in contact with UK Soul and Blues Singer, Johnny Boy Pryers. I sent Johnny about 3 tracks, including CMLG, and after listening to them, he said he would like to record CMLG.


It became a reality and was recorded at Lisa Stanfield's UK Gracieland Studios.  Horns were added in the US before it was mastered in the UK by Carl Dixon in early 2018.  A truly universal internet project done in collaboration with our current project team: Johnny Redpants Warren, from Australia, Johnny Boy Pryers from the UK, and myself from the US.  CMLG was released as a single on the major digital and downloadable sites, but our real focus was to have it released on vinyl, the true test of the sound of yesteryear, melded with the technology of today. We formed our Indie Label, "Redpants Records," and added an instrumental, in tribute to Ethan Warren and Lee Pryers, both dear people deceased long before their time but never forgotten!


The flip side, "Ethans Theme," performed by The Apple Heads - a childhood nickname of Lee Pryers - is a track that I wrote, produced and arranged, and it is was great pleasure to dedicate it to Ethan and Lee!  


We, the project, hope that you enjoy the vinyl recording, and your support will ensure future productions and records from Johnny Boy Pryers, and a few other surprises to follow!


We sincerly thank you for your support and faith in our music.


Johnny Boy Pryers, Johnny Redpants Warren, Robert Paladino 

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